Forum Announcement: ScrappinChat Rules PLEASE READ
Our rules are short and simple. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let us know in the Suggestion Box forum. Thanks!

1. Be respectful of one another. Remember there is a person at the other end of the keyboard. You don't have to agree with them, but you can't attack them personally.

2. No name calling. (see rule #1)

3. Language: Keep it clean - what you'd say in front of a 6-yr-old.

4. No advertising will be allowed. This includes contacting a board member regarding your product(s) or company. It also includes signature lines and posts claiming you are selling/representing X, Y or Z company. If someone posts that they are looking for a consultant of X, Y or Z company - you may respond to that post directly, via PM or via email. Lists of products that you sell or pictures of products that you sell may not be posted. For the most part, pictures and lists are against the DS Association's rules of conduct for any type of consultant. We wish this forum to remain in line with these types of rules.

The exception is the Our Businesses forum: If you'd like to have your business listed here, please contact Nicole.

5. Tattling will not be tolerated. Moderators are here and will step in if necessary and take care of any abuse to the rules, however, we are all adults. As adults, we might not always agree with what another person says. That is life. If you are uncomfortable in a discussion, walk away. Tattling will get a warning as stated below.

6. Post YOUR opinion. Not what you think someone else might think or feel.

If a user breaks a rule, they get a warning. The user is notified via PM by the mod. When a user has 2 warnings there will be a 1-week suspension of that user's account. After the suspension, one more warning will result in banning the user.